Collection of audio effects plugins implemented from the explanations in the book “Audio Effects: Theory, Implementation and Application” by Joshua D. Reiss and Andrew P. McPherson.

These plugins implement a generic user interface with linear and logarithmic sliders, toggles, and combo-boxes, by means of a custom class of audio parameters that encapsulates a lot of the complexity to add, setup, and use automatable plugin parameters in both the audio processor and the generic editor (GUI).

Two projects can be used as a starting point for new audio effects. Template Time Domain (Figure 1) can be used when most of the processing is in the time domain, and Template Frequency Domain (Figure 2) when most of the processing is in the frequency domain (it just converts the input block to the frequency domain, and back to the time domain using the overlap-add method).

Template for time domain plugins
Figure 1. Template for time domain plugins. The parameters and their values are also displayed in the GUI provided by the host.
Template for frequency domain plugins
Figure 2. Template for frequency domain plugins. All plugins implement a generic GUI.

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